7 Mart 2013 Perşembe

Bathtubs Love Dark Colours Much

In recent times, I just want to swear while smoking. As if I’m at middle of a crowded avenue. I want cars to crush and cross over my body. Louses of my body will fall down and I will get relieved then and there. Sometimes, I’m asking myself ‘’Is it the God who do these to me?’’ while listening to ‘’İki Zavallı Kuş’’ (Two Miserable Birds) from Aylin Aslım. And sometimes I say ; neither believe nor pray just like song does. When you can not get the equivalent of somethings, it’s getting harder to believe always to the same fiction.

Lately, I posted on facebook that; The things I’m mostly aroused by are feet and Crucifixes.  My curiosity against to the feet broke out because of my housemate. I guess I need talk about it without lying. My roomie was someone insane wandering around only with a t-shirt at home. She had lenghty hairs. Everytime she lied down on the bed, I could not help myself watching her. Most beautiful side of hers was her feets. I always used to touch her feet and lie down next to her. And Crucifixes… They’re completely the things that Madonna put into my mind. I love it as  accesorries.

Sometimes I feel like Jesus will come out and smile from the Crucifixes about which I said I love only as accesorries. You know, I’m always talking about the hairs of Jim Morrison, Jesus’ hairs were beautiful too. We need not to pass over. Even though you may think I am kidding with him so much, I actually love him. That’s the reason of all these spiels. We shall put away our taboos and love by doing ironies. It feels very good. I wonder if there ever will  be someone in my life  to whom I can say ‘’You come to me very good!’’ before dying. Do you have someone that you can say these words to. If so, it’s pretty nice. He or she has found your vein and committing slowly. Let him/her commit. Somehow, We were born to die. While the issue is about ‘’We were born to die’’, Lana Del Rey has heralded she will release a darker and more cinematic album. Let’s gather all the cutleries you have, choose one of them and go to bath. Get ready to commit suicide! Bathtubs love dark colours much.

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